Michael Vaughan

“Over the first three years the progress has been incredible and I am hoping 2016 will be even bigger. I have no doubts over the next five years it will become a massive day for cricket. I am looking forward to working closely with Cricket United once again over the summer as the Lord’s Taverners, Chance to Shine and the PCA Benevolent Fund come together and unite to help change lives through the sport we all love.”

Alastair Cook

“Cricket United has grown a huge amount over the last few years and I know I speak on behalf of the England team when I say it’s something we are extremely proud to support with all three charities doing fantastic work in helping change lives through cricket.”

David Lloyd

“Cricket United Day is exactly what this game is about, people working together to improve lives as we have some fun. As a commentator I like to get involved as much as I can and I even joined Lord Gower in a pretty garish blue suit in 2015.”

Andrew Strauss

“I was very proud to be the lead Cricket United ambassador in it’s inception in 2013 and the campaign has grown a tremendous amount since then It’s a great campaign to be involved with!”

Glenn McGrath

“If Cricket United has taken lead from what we created in Australia I am more than happy. Fans come along to a cricket match, enjoy it and raise money for three great causes…It’s something unique and pretty special.”

Alec Stewart

“Blue Bails Day is a way clubs from around the country can get involved, raise money for the Lord’s Taverners, Chance to Shine, the PCA Benevolent Fund and your own club… A win-win!”

Matthew Hoggard

“I wish we had a day like this when I was playing. To see the ground turn blue as three separate charities all unite through cricket is a pretty powerful message. It adds a real unique atmosphere which really does get the ground buzzing”